The all-new Audi RS 3 Sportback

Born restless

When a car is this restless..
It’s hard to hold it back

To mark the launch of Audi's second-generation RS 3 Sportback, we’re embarking on an epic journey that will put the car's key features to the test:

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Born restless
The Audi RS 3 Sportback

The RS 3 uses the latest Audi racing technology to deliver incredible power to the road. Providing an uncompromised driving experience, it showcases exceptional sportsmanship inside and out with its sleek, muscular finish.

Powerful. Dynamic. Unrestrained.

The all-new RS 3 Sportback has an impressive acceleration time of just 4.3 seconds from 0-100 km/h. And with a 249 km/h standard top speed, which can be delimited to 200 km/h, it's a fierce competitor in any environment*.

*where the law permits.

Unrestrained power

The RS 3 combines TFSI turbocharging and direct injection technology for improved engine responsiveness and a power output of 270 kW. Boasting a maximum torque of 465 Nm, the all-new RS 3 delivers extraordinary performance on the road.

Effortless steering

Enjoy increased agility when cornering thanks to variable steering ratio. The leather steering wheel boasts a flat-bottomed design complemented by the Alcantara trim and aluminium-look gear shift paddles, with contrast stitching and an RS emblem.

The high-precision steering and TFSI turbocharging allowed the RS 3 to impress during the first challenge of its epic journey.

Challenge 1
RS 3 meets its hero

The RS 3 challenged the legendary 80s A1 B-Class quattro rally car by taking part in an action-packed dash on a forested track.

Both equipped with a 5-cylinder engine, the cars took turns taking the lead. The RS 3 had no trouble keeping up or setting the pace, tearing through the woodland, catching air over jumps and skidding through the dirt with the rally car.

After a thrilling sprint over hostile terrain, the rally car changed course with a hand-brake turn, as the RS 3 charged on.

Watch the RS 3 in action

Take control of the road

The RS 3’s 19-inch high performance brake system ensures you’re in full control of the road. In stylish high-gloss paint and displaying the iconic RS logo, the callipers grip each of the wave-design brake discs for ultimate performance and race-car looks.

Take a seat

The RS 3 comes with Fine Nappa leather Sport seats, complete with RS 3 embossing and contrast stitching. The seats boast shaped side bolsters for better lateral support when cornering, and the RS Super Sports seat option offers added sport luxury.

This, combined with the powerful brakes, enabled the RS 3 to outshine hockey players on an ice rink as it continued its journey.

Challenge 2
Ice Hockey game

The RS 3 pushed its high performance brakes to the limits, bending the rules in an ice hockey game.

Catching the unsuspecting hockey team unawares, the RS 3 entered the rink, kicking up a shard of ice, before racing around the stunned players. Perfecting effortless 360 degree spins, getting involved in the game, and challenging players to a race, the RS 3 demonstrated its powerful brakes and Sports steering to stunning effect.

Unbeaten once again, the RS 3 left the ice rink, heading for its third encounter.

See the RS 3 at zero degrees

Seamless gear shifting

With improved traction, stability and acceleration, the RS 3 will have no interruption in power flow. You’ll hardly notice the gearshift process as the sporty s-tronic gearbox allows shifting from one gear to the next in less than 0.2 seconds.

Gripping every mile of the road

The RS 3's quattro permanent all-wheel drive technology delivers outstanding road-holding in all weathers, on all terrains. Driving extra power to the remaining wheels if one were to lose traction, it provides exceptional grip in the most demanding situations.

This increased responsiveness on the road allowed the RS 3 to excel in its final challenge – racing a speedboat on a causeway at high tide.

Challenge 3
RS 3 versus H20

Next, the RS 3 abandoned the road for a tension-soaked race against a speedboat.

Without hesitation, it ventured onto a causeway covered by high tide, kicking up water in its wake. Once on the sand, the RS 3 effortlessly raced on the soft terrain thanks to quattro's improved traction, stability and acceleration. Against the odds, the RS 3 out-did the high-speed vehicle in an unfamiliar environment.

A close call, but once again unbeaten, the RS 3 headed off for the final stage of its epic journey.

Watch the RS 3 take on the speedboat

Innovation on the road

Discover the road ahead with unparalleled clarity thanks to LED technology – the new standard for the RS 3. With a continuous beam of light similar to daylight, both headlights and brake lights boast a sleek design that completes its striking look.

A guided drive

The RS 3’s HDD-based MMI navigation system will guide you to your destination with ease. You’ll have access to a 3D map and point-of-interest display. And, because destinations can be entered with both speech and text, your attention can remain firmly on the road.

The RS 3 embarks on its final journey to the UK with ease thanks to LED headlights and the MMI navigation system.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

The 'Born Restless' RS 3 Sportback completed its epic journey at The Goodwood Festival of Speed. Sneaking in at the crack of dawn before the festival opened to the public, the RS 3 had its fun driving past the Goodwood house, up and down the Goodwood hill, through the finish line and alongside the iconic flint wall.

If you’re heading down to The Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend you might just be lucky enough to catch the car on the Audi stand.

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